Tank Bundle Sizing with Storage Tank

Tank Heaters are U –Tube type bundle construction. A fluid in the tank is heated by a fluid or steam circulated through the tubes through natural convection in the tank. • This construction provides for expansion or contraction of the bundle over a wide range of temperature variations. • Available in single and in double wall tube construction.  

 Collar Fabricated Carbon Steel with Stainless options Tube sheets Fabricated Carbon Steel with Stainless, 90/10 CuNi and Brass options Tubes Copper with option for Stainless Steel, 90/10 or 70/30 Bonnets Cast Iron with Cast Stainless Steel 316 and Cast Bronze options Bolting Carbon Steel.

Tube Side: 4” thru 8” Dia. 150 PSI 10” thru 14” Dia. 125 PSI 375ºF

Tank Side:150 PSI 375ºF

Just fill out the easy form below with your name and information from your existing heat exchanger and BoilerSupplies.com can get all of the documents necessary to produce the exact same unit that you have now. Other manufacturers we carry are Bell & Gossett, Armstrong, Alco, American Standard, A.O. Smith, Cemline, Graham, Old Dominion, Standard Exchange, Taco, Patterson Kelley, Reco, Thrush & Heat Exchanger USA.

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