Armstrong W-109-25-RTB Liquid to Liquid Replacement Tube Bundle


Type 2 Pass
Diameter 10 in.
Working Pressure 150 PSI
Max. Operating Temperature 375°F

Armstrong Standard Water to Water Replacement Tube Bundles are Carbon Steel Tube Sheets with Copper U-Bends. Comes with Complete Gasket Set.

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Replacement Tube Bundles are certified and made to fit Armstrong Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers.
Standard Armstrong Steam to Water (WS) and Armstrong Water to Water (W) complete heat exchangers. 2 and 4 pass units, 4″ nominal thru 12″ nominal come CRN stamped Certified Standard from factory. The Armstrong Shell & Tube heat exchangers provide dependable, efficient heat transfer in many applications ranging from HVAC to Industrial installations. Armstrong Shell & Tube heat exchangers are designed for higher-pressure applications in oil refineries and other large chemical processes.

Standard Copper (tubes), carbon steel (shell, tube sheet, baffles) Optional Brass (tubes, tube sheets, baffles), bronze (heads), stainless steel (tubes, tube sheets, heads, shells, baffles), 90/10 Cu-Ni (tubes)